CIC Honeynet - Honeypots software

list of tested software:

Software Download Description
Cowrie Download Cowrie is a medium interaction SSH and Telnet honeypot designed to log brute force attacks and the shell interaction performed by the attacker.
UDPot Honeypot Download The idea behind this script is to provide a DNS honeypot which logs all requests to a SQLite database and with a configurable interactivity level.
Conpot Download Conpot is an ICS honeypot with the goal to collect intelligence about the motives and methods of adversaries targeting industrial control systems.
Artillery Download Artillery is a combination of a honeypot, monitoring tool, and alerting system.
HoneyWRT Download HoneyWRT is a low interaction Python honeypot designed to mimic services or ports that might get targeted by attackers.
Amun Download Amun is a vulnerability emulation honeypot.
HonTel Download HonTel is a Honeypot for Telnet services.
StrutsHoneypot Download StrutsHoneypot is an Apache 2 based honeypot that includes a seperate detection module for Apache 2 servers that detects and/or blocks the sturts CVE 2017-5638 exploit.
phpMyAdmin Honeypot Download Simple and effective web honeypot.